About us


Veterans in Engineering

VIE was founded in May 2006 by Chris Kuypers, member of the UIC faculty and the current VIE faculty advisor; and Chris Johnson, a former UIC Engineering student.

Mission statement:

“Veterans in Engineering is committed to enhancing the lives and studies of military veterans within the college of engineering, primarily by providing academic assistance and mentorship, camaraderie through social and competitive activities, and improving the UIC community.  Vie promotes loyalty and integrity within the organization, a vision of improving the future, and ethical conduct in all actions of its members.”

VIE is a non-profit student organization for UIC veterans in the College of Engineering.  If you are an engineering major at UIC as well as a U.S. military veteran, please click ‘Join VIE’ on the left or email us at VeteransInEngineering@gmail.com for information on what VIE has to offer you.

Veterans in Engineering